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At octopus, we believe the best software and great user experience (UX) comes with coherent user interfaces (UI) and functionalities. Sounds familiar? Then component-based development might be an interesting topic for you.

Component-based development (CBD) is a way of creating and combining design and development of software through reusable software components, which are means of breaking an application into manageable parts. By using a well-defined software architecture, it provides the perfect foundation of flexible, maintainable, performant and high quality software with coherent designs. From a technical perspective: components are functionally independent parts of any system. It performs some function and may require some input or produce some output. From a UI perspective: components can be recognized by standalone elements, e.g. a button or user card that are reused throughout the application. They are flexible in nature and can be large or small.


At Octopus, we are all about providing the most value and including our clients throughout the whole process. We define this process through CBD as follows:

  • Design thinking: find out why and what, and how this may be accomplished by using components
  • Styleguide: define all (reusable) components
  • Planning and setting goals for delivery: minimized (small) components and frequent delivery
  • Versioning: Minimum Viable Product and testing components with the audience
  • Feature releases and maintenance: continuous improvements, testing and maintenance of components


In short, the flexible nature of CBD allows for creating coherent designs that targets the audience and fulfills a set goal, gathering feedback and seamlessly implementing and maintaining software improvements at any stage.


Would you like to learn more about how we think about CBD and how we like to implement it from a technical perspective? Sign up for our upcoming tech event by sending us a message!

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