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Cloud based working is a must

In this digital era, cloud-based working is a must for every organization. The possibilities are very diverse and due to the number of possible options, it is sometimes difficult to choose the right combination. We can help with this.

People, Process, Technology

A well-known model in the world of Software is the People, Process, Technology tripod. Think of this as a stool, where the three legs must all be in proportion to each other so that the stool does not fall over. With the use of software in your company, it works the same.

Advice, setup and training

We ensure that your business processes fit well into the Cloud technology you work with. We advise on the possibilities and think along in achieving your desired results. We set up the environment so that your organization makes optimal use of the possibilities. Finally, we also help with the training of your staff, if desired. This way they use the possibilities of the digital workplace.

Microsoft office 365 VS Google Workspace

Most SMBs have heard of Microsoft 365. Both are powerful tools to manage your business. The reason we choose Google Workspace is because we believe it is the most powerful tooling to work in the cloud on different (types of) devices.

Cloud first

Google is 100% cloud based and this is an advantage in our opinion. No local files for employees and everyone always works in the cloud. This fits well with our view of the stool mentioned above, with the legs, People Process Technology.

Temporary offline access

If a document needs to be worked on because an employee is on the train, an offline version can be made available. However, this is always in sync with the latest version of the file if there are several employees worry.

Microsoft vs Google offering:




Files Storage

Video calls





/ Per user per month


Outlook Calendar







/ Per user per month


Google Calendar






Same features, different price. Take advantage of Google Workspace now!

Looking to find out how much a brand + logo + website is?

Getting a price quote beforehand is tricky, because design is a creative process that is not linear. This is why we build milestones, and use estimations to see how much work each milestone is. That way you have great insight and control over the process and costs. An average trajectory for a project is between €2000- €5000, depending on requirements.

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