Websites & platform management

Websites & platform management

A driving force in your organization.

Your company uses various technologies to provide your customers with the best possible value. A good software product is often essential to keep your business running smoothly. Reliable systems that free up your time and energy so you can focus on your core business. Now and in the future

Flexible and robust

We have noticed that 2 points stand out when it comes to the IT needs of our customers. Firstly, you want to be able to build on a stable system that supports your work and makes your work easier. In addition, it is important that your software product moves along with the changes of your company and the market. We cannot accurately predict what the future will bring, but one certainty that we can guarantee is that it will bring changes. With our software you are well prepared for upcoming changes.

Websites & platform management

The octopus CMS

We use an open-source CMS to manage your website or platform. The core of the system runs on Keystone-JS. We have built our customized version of this, so that we are able to use the strong core, but also retain the flexibility to set it up specifically for your needs. The system is a headless CMS which means that you have full control over the data. We aim at creating user-friendly product that makes managing your content smooth sailing for our clients.

The three promises of our CMS

1. User-friendly

We think it is important that the system fits well with our users. That's why we've set it up to be flexible, so it's easy to customize the texts, images, and videos. We are of course ready to support you with the slightly more complex changes

2. Stable

A stable environment is an essential part of your website. We facilitate this by providing a combination of a flexible part (to be managed by you) and a static part, which is managed by us. This way you can be sure that you cannot accidentally 'break' the website. This is a major advantage of the octopus CMS compared to wordpress, for example.

3. Flexible

Good IT is somewhat flexible. This is important because sometimes your business changes. We set up a stable basis in which it is possible to expand. As a result, you are now provided with a good website and you know that your future wishes will also fit.

A foundation on which you can build your business

In this digital age, software is a powerful partner to improve and simplify your business. That is why we set up systems in such a way that they meet your needs and we ensure a stable system. You can build on this so that you, your team and your customers are unburdened. When something changes in how you do business, we are ready to discuss and implement these changes.


This is how we work together


A no-obligation conversation, in which we get to know each other and discuss your needs. Often our customers want to know exactly what the process will look like for them and a rough estimate of the cost of what they want. We understand this of course and give an indication in broad terms.


After the intake we start with the design. Depending on customer demand, we provide requested designs. This can be in the direction of Design, but it can also be a technical implementation


When the designs are approved, we start building the requested products. Because we have a lot of experience with 'standard' products, we can often deliver this quickly.


Finally, we assume that your company wants and can grow. Our experience tells us that the needs you have change over time. We are ready to discuss options and advise you if you need it. We will of course also handle any changes for you!

Looking to find out how much a brand + logo + website is?

Getting a price quote beforehand is tricky, because design is a creative process that is not linear. This is why we build milestones, and use estimations to see how much work each milestone is. That way you have great insight and control over the process and costs. An average trajectory for a project is between €2000- €5000, depending on requirements.

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