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The client

A CRM floor and window management tool and a easy way for building owners to replace their window or floor coverings.

What did we do?

We developed a CRM system where client can manage their customers. Uitgebouwd worden tot een platform waarbij vraag en aanbod bij elkaar komen.

More than just a CRM system, it’s a platform.

Iedema told us that the greatest outcome would be that they could just upload a map of a building and start putting rooms on it. But that would be nearly impossible, someone from Iedema said. So we set out to do just that. Using the newest development methods (hier moet een extra stukje over wat we gedaan hebben qua techniek) we where able to make a building design tool where you can add buildings, add storeys, place building maps and add rooms with roomdetails.

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Digitizing floor and window coverings management.

For Iedema all customer sales and order registrations where still done with a lot of phone calls and paperwork. Meaning a lot of back and forth communications which often lead to miscommunication and frustrations and a lot of time consuming documentation. They felt the urge to digitize their company or else they would be playing catch up. But! where to start and what where there needs?

We felt their pain, and so together with Iedema we did several design workshops to find out what the problem really was and brainstorm about ideas. We soon realized that they had every piece of client detail documented. What if we could put together all this information in one centrelized application where clients would be able login to their own environment and place orders digitally? We started working on a prototype and put it to the test.

iedema forms

“Quick. Quality. Stress free. There is trust that this design-conscious outfit build our product with the same attention to detail as when building their own. Double decent“

Bert Vorenkampven

Bert Vorenkampven

Commercial director


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